About HOF

HOF Pharmaceuticals is a part of the HOF group of companies that has a leading presence in diverse business segments. Quality, Integrity, Transparency and Customer service are the four pillars on which we have established ourselves and are sure of our growth in the coming times.

We take pride in our work culture and systems that have been formulated by the best brains from the pharmaceutical industry. These experienced senior managers are the core top management team at HOF Pharma. This senior management is aptly supported by young managers who come from a business background and are principally responsible for implementing the strategies and working on the feedback which leads to continuous improvement in our company.

Starting with manufacturing of oral formulations in Pain and Fever Management, Anti-infectives, Gastro, Cough and Cold segments; we are aiming for rapid growth by launching pharmaceutical products that take care of the Cardiovascular, Nervous, Immune and the Endocrine System.
We also offer contract manufacturing and formulation development services.


We will occupy a prime position in the pharmaceutical industry through practicing stringent quality practices in all our activities, right from manufacturing to customer service.


Our mission is to serve humanity with potent medicines that spread the joy of good health and thus offer a promise of a better tomorrow.



Quality is an integral part of our products and company. Stringent quality parameters and SOP’s ensure that every product leaving our factory is at par with products that are a gold standard.


Our professional approach ensures that every size of client is respected and attended to with equal enthusiasm.


Timely response to customers is a vital success factor and we ensure speedy reverts and delivery of products.


Every client and employee is respected as they are the ones who are adding value to the organization.


We practice flexibility and accommodate urgent requirements along with small and big batch sizes.


Integrity and honesty are our motivation for engaging ourselves in this noble field that serves humanity in the best and positive manner.